Mulligan No. 8: Graham’s interpretation of the Dent table regulator clock

After buying a set of three books titled Precision Pendulum Clocks by Derek Roberts, my favourite books at the moment, I became keen to build something special and unique. The clocks I have built in the past have all been my own design. This time I wanted to build my interpretation of a clock built [...]

Mulligan No. 5

After reading the article Dual Oscillators in the Horological Journal, I thought about the idea of making a truly unique clock. My experience in horology started approximately twenty-five years ago when I started repairing clocks as a hobby. After finding myself unemployed, I took the step to clock repairing as a full time vocation. [...]

West Coast Wilderness Railway clock Queenstown (ABT Railway)

In 2000, we were involved, together with several other Launceston businesses in the clock project for the ABT Wilderness Railway. This was our first 'new' clock project as most of our work usually involves antique and old clock restoration and repair. The two large clocks were produced with electrical movements and the designs were [...]